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Our Services

Let us help you with your commercial and industrial labour needs.

Our services are tailored to small and medium sized companies and projects

Aztec provides commercial and industrial labour for hazardous materials removal and bio-hazard clean-up as well as demolition and construction services in a safe, efficient and regulatory compliant manner.

Our areas of focus include:

Asbestos Removal

Environmental Services


Demolition Contractor

  • Debris removal
  • General clean-up
  • Industrial demolition
General Contractor

Commercial Contractor

  • Flooring install/repair
  • Drywall install/repair
  • Remodeling

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Our Customers

Environmental Services

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is found in many older buildings, and is not harmful when it is undisturbed and the building in good condition. However, if the building becomes damaged or the asbestos disturbed, it needs to be removed by a qualified professional as soon as possible. Exposed asbestos can cause a number of health issues, including lung cancer and a lung disease called asbestosis. Aztec’s skilled technicians can remove all traces of asbestos from your property, ensuring that it is safe for your employees and clients.

Biohazard Clean Up

Biohazards and other bodily fluids, can pose a significant health risk for your customers and employees. Aztec offers discreet expert disinfection and clean up services, available on an emergency and contract basis. We know how important it is to remove biohazards as quickly and efficiently as possible, and our team is available to help.

Hazmat Services

Aztec provides removal of hazardous materials, including asbestos and other synthetic mineral fibres, as well as biohazard clean up. Our team of qualified professionals will clean up and dispose of your hazardous materials safely and efficiently, ensuring that your premises exceed all safety requirements.

Demolition Contractor

We prepare sites for demolition by removing hazardous materials and complete numerous manual demolition tasks to ensure that your site is left safe and clear of debris. We also offer comprehensive debris removal and general clean-up. We have a trained labour force and equipment that allows us to complete complex demolition jobs.

Debris Removal

We efficiently remove hazardous and non-hazardous debris from your site with an eye on minimizing environmental impact.

General Clean Up

Aztec offers comprehensive cleaning services for job sites, construction sites, and industrial properties.

Industrial demolition

We have the skills and experience necessary to demolish and dismantle all kinds of industrial sites across a variety of sectors, including petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, gas, and water.

Commercial Contractor

Aztec offers a comprehensive suite of general contractor services to help you retrofit or finish your commercial or industrial project. We specializes in commercial contracting, working on restaurants, hospitals, office buildings and schools as well as industrial properties.

Flooring Install/Repair

We offer full flooring installation and repair services, including measurement, laying and fitting of carpeting, laminate, tile, and hardwood.

Drywall Install/Repair

We provide comprehensive drywall installation and repair services, including drywall mudding, sanding, seam taping, and painting.

Remodeling Services

Whether you are looking to completely remodel your commercial space, or you just want to freshen up a single office or aspect of your property, we can help.

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It doesn’t cost anything to get a quote from our experienced Project Management team