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Commercial construction and industrial demolition

Need labour for commercial construction or industrial demolition?

Hire our team for all of your commercial construction and industrial demolition tasks

Aztec Group can take care of your demolition needs where you need an entire structure or parts of a structure are removed. Our field team follows demolition procedures that require a combination of hand labor and small, specialized equipment including:

  • Removal of interior features such as walls, ceilings and utilities
  • Cutting openings in walls and floors for new utility services, stairwells, elevators, windows, doors etc.
  • Removing entire floors for major remodeling projects
  • Removing portions of structures that have become deteriorated or otherwise unusable
  • Removing portions of structures that have been damaged by fire, earthquakes, and similar events
  • Cutting and removing slots between parts of the building to be demolished, while the other part remains intact

Commercial and industrial demolition

We specialize in commercial and industrial demolition where a crew of experienced field workers are required to get the job done where heavy equipment isn’t required. Our project managers can help you hire our team to plan and manage the demolition that you need for:

  • Clean demolition where hazardous materials are not present
  • Select demolition where the area or requirement is contained to a specific area
  • General demolition of interior spaces

Every demolition project we complete includes the removal of all waste. Hire our team today if you need demolition help for your project.

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